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2021. “The Deep Roots of Modern Democracy”,  with John Gerring, Brendan Apfeld and Andreas Forø Tollefsen, forthcoming at Cambridge University Press.

2022. “Årsaker til krig: Introduksjon til konfliktvitenskap”, Fagbokforlaget.

2021. “One Road to Riches? How state building and democratization affect economic development” (Cambridge Elements), with Haakon Gjerløw, Matt Wilson og Carl Henrik Knutsen,  forthcoming at Cambridge University Press.

Journal articles

2021. “Chaos on Campus: Universities and Political Protest”, with Sirianne Dahlum, Comparative Political Studies, 54(1): 3-32. (article, replication data).

2021 “Why Monarchy? The rise and demise of a regime-type”, with John Gerring, Jan Teorell, Wouter Veenendaal, Daniel Weitzel and Kyosuke Kikota, Comparative Political Studies, 54(3): 586-622. (article, replication data).

2020. “Peace Above the Glass Ceiling: Female Political Empowerment and Civil Conflict”, with Sirianne Dahlum, International Studies Quarterly, 64(4): 879–893. (article, replication data).

2019. “Who Revolts? Empirically Revisiting the Social Origins of Democracy”, with Sirianne Dahlum and Carl Henrik Knutsen,  Journal of Politics, 81(4):1494-1499. (article, longer working paper version , replication data).

2019. “Patterns of Regime Breakdown since the French Revolution”, with Vilde Lunnan Djuve and Carl Henrik Knutsen, forthcoming in Comparative Political Studies, DOI: 10.1177/0010414019879953 (link to online first version here).

2019. “Introducing the Historical Varieties of Democracy Dataset: Political Institutions in the Long 19th Century”, with Carl Henrik Knutsen, Jan Teorell, Agnes Cornell, John Gerring, Haakon Gjerløw, Svend Erik Skaaning, Daniel Ziblatt, Kyle Marquardt, Dan Pemstein, and Brigitte Seim, forthcoming in Journal of Peace Research. DOI: 10.1177/0022343317740416 (link to online first version, here).

2019. “Educating Demonstrators: Education and Mass Protest in Africa”, with Sirianne Dahlum, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(1): 3–30. (article, replication data here)

2018. “Which Groups Fight: Customary Institutions and Communal Conflicts in Africa”, with Daniela Kromrey, Journal of Peace Research 55(4): 415-429. (article).

2017. “Autocratic Elections:  Stabilizing Tool or Force for Change?” , with Carl Henrik Knutsen and Håvard M. Nygård, World Politics, 69(1): 98-143 (article, and replication data here) .

2017. “Mining and Local Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa”, with Andreas Kotsadam, Eivind Hammersmark Olsen and Carl Henrik Knutsen,  American Journal of Political Science, 61(2): 320-334 (link, replication files).

2016. “Peace from the Past: Pre-colonial Political Institutions and Civil War in Africa”,  Journal of Peace Research, 53(4): 509-524 (link, replication files).

2016. “Local Institutional Quality and Conflict Violence in Africa”, with Andreas Forø Tollefsen, Political Geography, 53(7): 30-42. (link, replication files ).

2016. “Cues to Coup Plotters: Elections as Coup Triggers in Dictatorships” ,  with Espen Geelmuyden Rød, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 60(5): 787-812.  (link,  replication files).

2015. “Updated Data on Institutions and Elections 1960-2012: Presenting the IAEP dataset version 2.0”, Research & Politics 2(2), DOI: 10.1177/2053168015579120 (link, data).

2015. “Government Turnover and the Effects of Regime Type: How Requiring Alternation in Power Biases Against the Estimated Economic Benefits of Democracy”, with Carl Henrik Knutsen, Comparative Political Studies 48(7), 882-914 (linkreplication files).

Phd thesis

2015. “Beyond the Civil Democratic Peace: Subnational Political Institutions and Internal Armed Conflict”

Book chapters

2014. “Political Institutions and Internal Armed Conflict: A Review”, Book chapter in War: An Introduction to Theories and Research on Collective
 (2. edition), edited by Tor Georg Jakobsen, New York: Nova Science
Publishers Inc.

Working papers and conference presentations

2019. “Stairways to Denmark: Does the sequence of state-building and democratization
matter for economic development?”, With Carl Henrik Knutsen, Haakon Gjerløw and Matthew Charles Wilson.

“How State Legacies Shape Political-Violence Norms: Evidence from Africa”, presented at the annual conference of the Midwestern Political Science Association, Chicago 2017, and the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association”, San Francisco, 2017.

“Early Industrialization and Social Protest: Evidence from African Industrial Mines”, with Carl Henrik Knutsen, Andreas Kotsadam, and Eivind Hammersmark Olsen, under review.

“Streets to Revolution: Urban Geography and Mass Protest in Dictatorships”, with Espen Geelmuyden Rød, and Mihai Croicu, presented at the annual meeting of the European Political Science Association, Milano, 2017.

“The Institutional Legacies of Political Violence: Evidence from the Afrobarometer Surveys”, with Andreas Forø Tollefsen.

“Justice for Peace? Welfare States and Internal Armed Conflict” (co-authored with Magnus Rasmussen), presented at the Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association, June 2014, Edinburg.

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