About me


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I am an associate professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo.

My research interests cover a wide range of topics within the broader umbrellas of armed conflict, political development, regime stability and politics in dictatorships. Currently, my work can be organized as follows:

  • The institutional origins of civil war and ethnic conflict (with a primary focus on Africa). This was the topic of my Phd-thesis.
  • The politics of authoritarian regime survival (coups, elections and political institutions in dictatorships) (which I have written about along with co-authors in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, here).
  • Popular protest and revolutionary movements in dictatorships
  • The inter-linkages between political institutions and economic development (corruption, and the economic effects of democracy).
  • Inter-state conflict with an emphasis on domestic causes related to regimes and their support-coalitions.

Besides this, I have a general interest in quantitative methods, philosophy of science and big history. You can reach me at tore.wig@stv.uio.no.

Visit my googlescholar and researchgate page.

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